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A fugitive is on the run in South America… The Goldfish Bowl tells of hypnotic detective work, fraught with danger, kidnapping, and murder.This is a police drama of insurmountable proportions and mind-shattering twists, a guaranteed page-turner bound to exhilarate and excite readers.

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The House The perfect house conceals the perfect crime.The Judds purchase the old Château by the lake; a 100 years old mansion. All’s well until a series of terrifying incidents at the house lead the Judds to wonder who used to live in their new house and what dark secrets are hidden inside.Are these incidents supernatural or man-made?The young deputy Lance Beatie is determined to find out.


The Inequity

Helen Baker, a young vivacious divorcee is brutally murdered.

Ted, the ex husband, a Vietnam War hero, is cohabiting with a beautiful young air hostess nine years his junior.

Baker is going through a tough time, with his ex wife forever demanding more alimony and Trish Taylor, his defacto, threatening to leave him if he doesn’t do something about it.

He has the perfect motive!

But who is the real murderer?

Baker fights to clear his name with dramatic and unbelievable results.


The Price

Four young people graduate from one of America’s finest universities NYU.

The NYU graduates decide to go their different ways unaware of the tragedies that will befall them in their pursuit of wealth and fame in the real world of materialism and man’s inhumanity to man.

This is a drama of insurmountable proportions through their tremulous journey in the real world and the reality that with every decision we make there is always a price!


Too Late for Tears

Too Late for Tears tells the real life drama of two New York detectives, Perino and Coyle.

The mayor is coming up for election and the word on the street is that the DA’s job is on the line because of the escalating crime rate in the ‘Big Apple’.

The trauma and effect on their personal lives is taking its toll.

An unsolved gang land killing only adds to their woes but things get worse as the streets of New York are terrorized by a serial killer whose macabre trail of mutilated black women has a sickening twist.

What is the reason behind this psycho’s pursuit of vengeance?


White Light

White Light” is the code name for what is to be the most controversial terrorist attack in the history of Great Britain.

The main character, Taylor Armstrong, at forty-three, is going through a midlife crisis, with his marriage seriously in trouble as the result of being a workaholic and his pursuit of power and wealth, believing that money solves everything. He is handsome and has no trouble attracting the opposite sex, sometimes to his detriment.

His outrageous womanizing only adds to his troubles when he uncovers the real meaning of White Light.

He now knows too much and his life is in danger!



A Boeing 777 Global 10 freighter mysteriously disappears in the North Pacific one hour into its flight from Tokyo to Washington, DC. The cargo is top secret for national security reasons. The pilot, Bill Collins, and first officer, Stevens, are decorated naval ensigns from Desert Storm, flying Eagle F-16s, experienced pilots now flying commercial aircraft. But what is the mysterious cargo? Two young CIA agents, Steve Nelson and Gregg Johnson, are assigned to the case, which will take them on a wild journey of intrigue, murder, and terrorism to Washington, DC; Tokyo; and Israel.


This is an action-packed journey so unbelievable, the reader will be hypnotically engrossed with the outcome and the ultimate ending that will shock the world, a must novel for the ardent book reader.